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We believe the garden is an integral part of life.

Not just a place to pick late-summer tomatoes or feast your eyes on a patch of unruly wildflowers, we see the garden as a vital element in a landscape that joins beauty with food to foster a quality of life not measured in dollars or titles, logos or brand names.  When we look at a landscape, we see the opportunity to deepen our connection to the earth and initiate true social, economic, and political change. Our collective involvement in the landscape is a simple and pleasurable way to celebrate relationship and connection — with friends, families, and neighbors to the living systems that support us.

To cultivate this interdependence we create ecological designs that plan for present and future generations.  We are happy to take a look at your outdoor space and devise a design that feeds your body and mind while satisfying the demands of your lifestyle.

What we do

  • Rain Gardens/Bioswales
  • Native and Edible Plantings
  • Custom Stone Work
  • Exterior Woodworking
  • Ecological Design and Consultation

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